4 ways to coordinate clothes to help white shirts are no longer monotonous and boring

Shirts are always an indispensable item in the wardrobe of fashionistas who want to pursue an elegant and compact style. However, white shirts are always considered boring, monotonous, and one-color. Let’s find out 4 tips for coordinating white shirts to help elevate your outfit in a split second!

1. Variations by using shirt buttons

The shirt with straight buttons is a familiar image. To make the shirt look more unique, you can try buttoning the buttons in different ways! The first is the “on top and bottom open” style, bringing the youthfulness and dynamism of the girls, which will increase a lot.

The style of 2 to 3 buttons in the middle of the shirt is also very popular with fashionistas. This type of clasp will increase the charm, more liberal in the girls but does not reduce the elegance and fashion of the everyday white shirt.

If you are too bored with “packing” the entire shirt lapel, why not try “boxing” the inner flap? Breaking the way with the style of tying the two laps into a bow in the front or back also helps her to increase her fashion and liberal look many times.

2. Turn a white shirt into a light jacket

Not only is the “main character” in the outfits, but the shirt is also an effective assistant for the sisters when used as a fashion jacket to help personalize their outfits.

The perfect combination of a sports bra, an outerwear shirt, and jeans brings a new breeze when blending elegant and sexy, healthy elements together.

The modified shirt with one shoulder open in combination with a two-piece shirt and wide-leg trousers also brings a trendy and stylish look to the sisters.

Turtleneck is also a suitable item to go with a white shirt. However, this type of combination should only be worn in the weather from cool to chilly, ladies! In addition, the shirt is also an ideal jacket for girls when wearing two-piece dresses to help create a sexy and discreet look.

3. Break out with vests, coats, and blazers

The trio of waistcoats, coats, and blazers are always items that are enthusiastically “hunted” by fashionistas. With the combination of these tops with a white shirt, you can easily come up with many different styles.

The ulzzang style focuses on minimalism. Girls often choose for themselves plain or low-textured outfits, with neutral colors. With the criterion “less is more”, the ulzzang style will bring the wearer a mature, simple but equally attractive and fashionable look.

To be able to become genuine ulzzang girls, choose for yourself wool vests with neutral tones, coordinate with a white shirt inside and skirt (the letter A, tennis skirt, …) or wide-leg jeans!

The Parisian Chic style of French girls also emphasizes simplicity in neutral neutral tones but has a classic and elegant direction of the European sky. A long coat with a white shirt and wide-leg trousers is the perfect trio for girls who pursue the classic elegance of Parisian Chic.

A white shirt with a wool waistcoat and a blazer with wide-leg jeans are also the perfect choice for the “distilled” streetwear from Victoria’s Secret models. Grunge style for cool girls can also be varied from a shirt and blazer combined with a black skirt.

4. Stick with fashion accessories

If the costumes are considered “delicious food”, jewelry and accessories are the “spices” to make those “delicious dishes” even more special and delicious.

The bags not only help the girls become neater but also make their outfits stand out and harmonious. So to make your white shirt more “salty”, in addition to the accompanying clothes, buy yourself a few bags that match your style of dress!

Rings and necklaces are accessories that every woman should own at least one item in her collection. These two types of “small but mighty” jewelry help personalize outfits and make your fashion sense more obvious.

The most important thing is confidence. Choose the style that you feel confident and most suitable for you! Follow us regularly to learn more about fashion and coordination!